Survival boxxx – coming back home

Five countries, five groups of different people, just one rule: survive.
It has been a return to a rustic style of life, “primordial”, community, based on the sharing and on the union of the strengths.
Activity of formation and information about how to turn on fires, how to recover apparently  unusable matches, to recognize and to avoid animals and plants poisonous… Those have been the beginning of the exchange.
A long journey, departing from Usma, little town on a lake, following the course of the river, separated in three groups (home, boat and walk team) that every day varied on rotation to reach the Baltic Sea with a baggage of experiences to sprout on the list of the “things to be done for feeling alive.”
In this exchange, as in all the others, there have been games of knowledge, of construction of the group, typical evenings, in which a small part of each own country are introduced, but this one, perhaps for a return to the nature, it has been more of others an experience of life and not a simple trip.
Survival boxxx is a conceptual box whose walls have been the immense and beautiful Latvian landscape, in all the facets, and the content they have been the participants of the exchange.
Everyone at least once in the should be able to look us inside and to become departs from there.