EVS in Eufemia – first impressions – Velislava (Vava)

In my opinion the best moment to make a voluntary service is the time between the Bachelor and the Master period of your life. I chose to do it, because I believe that through the EVS you can gather skills and qualities by helping other people. I arrived in Torino on 1st of April, to be honest I’ve been lucky to make this service in Eufemia, because the person chosen for the project decided to step down at the last moment and this is where my adventure started.

In particular, I did not choose the country, because of the best pasta, gelato and coffee in the world, but because I believe that the destiny sent me this opportunity that I couldn’t miss. And so I came and the Italian life absorbs me.

The description of my project had a slight difference than the actual nature of my work, but this resulted in a big challenge for me, because I was assigned to work with children in Italian. The funny part was that I couldn’t understand them and neither they got me, because of the language barrier, but I hope at the end of my service we can establish good and valuable connection.

On the other hand, I came with the objectives to learn how to write European projects; how the non-formal organizations are operating and to increase my knowledge about the Erasmus+ program and all the projects connected to the youth mobility.

All these things are connected to my future carrier path and I am happy now, because Eufemia is giving me the chance to reach my goals.
Moreover, I could say that despite of the small team of the organization, I always solve my unpleasant situation and I can count on the people to receive their support.

This is the first letter of my experience in Eufemia, but I promise it won’t be last, look forward for updates of my specific responsibilities and progress of learning points.