EVS at Eufemia – Vera’s experiences

I arrived in Torino one year ago, excited to live in a new city, learn a totally new language and work on a new field. I’ve chosen to try European Voluntary Service in Italy because I felt that I need a new experience and I’ve met some amazing Italian people during my travels. This was my first time to live abroad alone so it was a big challange, but I always got all the support I needed. The members of Eufemia, Ana, the other EVS volunteer, my amazing Italian flatmates and friends were always there to help and show me all the beauty of Italy: the language, the culture, the nature, and of course the food J

Apart from our EVS project , the Eufemia has diverse activities, so I had the possibility to try out a lot of different tasks. I was teaching English, helping kids with their homework (a particular challange as I didn’t speak any Italian in the beginning), collecting and distributing unsold vegetables from the market, helping to organize a Youth Exchange, managing documentation and mails, translating the website… My favourite was definitely being with the kids of the neighbourhood. With patience we managed to earn their trust, create a little community and, after the hard work of doing the homework (it was hard work for me too as I didn’t speak any Italian when I arrived) had lots of fun together!

This was a very intense 11 months and I came home to Hungary with beautiful memories, a new language, more competences and knowledge, some precious friendships and a wish to return soon to my second home, Torino. Thank you, Eufemia!