Fermata Prossima, The Podcast

Our new project, a podcast “Fermata Prossima”, connects 7 Eufemia’s ESC volunteers. We all are coming from different countries, we speak different languages, and we believe in different Gods. Indeed, there is one common feature: we want to learn from each other, as well as from people around us. Hence we created a podcast.

Sharing is caring, some people say. Looks like we’ve integrated this concept so well in our team, that sometimes we cannot trace the root of an idea or a project. Sometimes, while sharing ideas and experiences we unintentionally start discussions, and that, in its turn, gives birth to unexpected ideas. Those ideas are our babies, and just like babies – sometimes it is impossible to say who was the first one to propose it, or who wanted it more.

One of volunteers’ baby-ideas was creating a podcast.

We want to bring our listeners around Torino, to introduce them to local organizations and initiatives. We will tackle a new theme at each of the “stops”, so jump in to explore the topics of living on the street, mental health, art activism, and religion, because these are important elements of the society, and that equals to be important parts of our lives. There will be more – we are just getting started.

We wanted to make it a nonjudgmental, prejudice-free space where different people could have a chance to explore the topics they find important. The topics that we might not be the most comfortable with, the topics we might avoid thinking about under regular circumstances.

We believe that uncomfortable topics are exactly the ones you have to open up to learn something new.

Somebody said that all the edges of truth can manifest themselves in a discussion only. We are not sure if the truth exists, but we will definitely try to find it. In an impassioned discussion, and we invite you to listen to it.

This podcast was possible with the support of Border Radio and the project Youth4inclusion funded by the Circoscrizione 3 della Citta di Torino.

The podcast was created, recorded and produced by the ESC volunteers of Associazione Eufemia from the Solidarity Reloaded project.