ESC Short-term in Torino: Pasta, caffé e incontri

Two unexpected months

Volunteers team

ESC Short-term in Torino: unexpected in many ways.

First of all, I learned a lot by sharing; Sharing moments, sharing a flat, sharing experiences, sharing good and bad news.

Learn how to be alone by being with others.

I also (re)discovered the importance of communication in life.


The process of learning in a multicultural context

Because of (thanks to) the multicultural context (in work but also at home), we had sometimes to find new ways to be understood and be able to communicate together. I realize now the meanings of being a European citizens and how it can be useful for me, as a young. I learned a lot about my roommate’s countries (customs, food and even some words in Slovakian and Ukrainian :D).

I also discovered the work of an association like EUfemia, the way to  manage different projects on different topics and the constant need to coordinate everything and stay focus on the goal in many ways.

But first, Coffee and traveling!


I’ve tried so many coffees, so many traditional sweet drinks from Torino like the Bicerin (amazing hot chocolate, coffee and cream), the Bombardino (special eggs liquor with cream) and enjoyed these moments to truly immerse myself in the city through peoples, their discussions, routines and behaves.

Turin was also a good place to travel in the North of Italy: Milano, Como, San Ambrogio and other charming villages known for trekking or wines.

Volunteering is definetly about learning!

Despite a difficult beginning because of Covid, i discovered so manyyy different way of work, collaborated with many different people (age, area of work, life situation etc…) and learned a lot in few weeks. Especially with educational activities (language club, after-school, digital school).

I’ve been also surprised that i like to work with child. They teach you a lot without even knowing it. I think the after-school was my best moment and i have to say that before i came, it was the less interesting topic for me.

Finally, I discovered a lot more than expected on my professional skills and myself and most of all, i met my wonderful roommates and made, i hope, long-lasting links. (Did i said that i can now do my own pasta? Thks Chiara and the team “cooking lab”).

Two months are definitely too short but at least, i will keep this ESC short-term volunteering in my mind for ever.