Signs in Europe

2014: for the first time in Italy, deaf and hearing children of different nationalities have overcome linguistic and disability limits, experiencing the sharing of everyday life, integration, teamwork.

With the patronage of the city of Turin and the support of the Institute of the Deaf and of the European Commission, we have designed and implemented SIGNS IN EUROPE: a training course for youth workers, deaf / deaf and hearing people.

The Association hosted 29 young people from Belarus, Turkey and Italy from 15 to 25 September 2014 in Turin. 7 languages ​​used: English, the three mother tongues and the three sign languages ​​of each country. It has been talked about in Europe, citizenship, education, work and unemployment, desires and future goals.

The second edition of the project (2016) saw an explosion in terms of numbers, partners, mobility and activities on the territory, with over 200 young people involved in a year-long journey.

From this second phase, LISten, the association that brings together deaf and hearing of the city of Turin, is born and continues with its legs, a beautiful project that makes us proud of what we have done together.