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Speaker’s Corner

The tool is the result of a strategic partnership project KA2 funded by the Erasmus + program at the Croatian National Agency, created and developed by partners from 8 countries, starting from the territorial specificities. The idea stems from the English experience of Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner, reinterpreted in an educational way and with an itinerary of preparation and re-reading of the experience in an emotional key.

The Eufemia association is partner of the project and responsible for the experimentation and promotion in Italy, of the production of materials in Italian language and of their diffusion in the national territory.

Speaker’s Corner is a socio-pedagogical exercise that aims to encourage active listening, social inclusion and democratic participation. Using non-formal education methods, the aim is to develop an open discussion among the participants, in a protected simulation context that allows to generate a reflection on future actions.

It is inspired by:

– role play / simulation

– experiential learning

– analysis and guided reflection

On the TOOLBOX portal you can find all the information and the manual.

The exercise, in its versions, can be adapted according to the target group and specific educational objectives.

The recipients of the “traditional” version of the activity are young people and adults aged 8 and over (10 to 60 participants). The “debate” version is more suitable for young people and adults aged 13 and over (from 7 to 26 participants)

Speaker’s Corner is available at Eufemia’s office and our educators are available to facilitate the tool with different groups, adapting it according to the topics to be discussed, the objectives and needs expressed.

This is the FB page dedicated to the project.