Our voluntaries building bridges with Madiba

Hi we are Michelangelo and Rosario, short term voluntaries from Portugal and Spain.
We are involved in some projects with another association called “Madiba”. This association is working in collaboration with Eufemia, our host organization for this two months that we are going to be here, in Italy, doing our voluntary work.

The projects are:
Camping Jo
The goal of this project was to rehabilitate and improve the town of Avigliana with the help of group of local teenagers, between 15 and 18 years old.The project took 2 weeks with different tasks which includes: painting benches, columns, fences, gardening and planting “begonias”; organizing the clothes of the MAD office (Micro Accoglienza diffusa Val Susa); cleaning the “Museo Dinamitificio Nobel”. Our job was to supervise and help them for this chores. We were working with them, giving instructions and helping in any way needed. We were a kind of leaders for them!


Centro Giovanni
The “Centre Giovanni” is located in the Beinasco municipality in the metropolitan area of Turin. Here the kids and teenagers of Beinasco can come on the weekends afternoon to have fun, play, socialize and learn. We didn’t spend so much time with this project, but for us was a good opportunity to see how it worked and to socialize with the local kids and teenagers of Beinasco.


Video Editing
Now we are currently involved in a new project of video editing, with the goal of promoting the Centro Giovanni.
Madiba has been recording some of their projects that they are working in, and they asked us to make a short video that shows all of these. We have been working on it for 3 weeks.
The program that we are using is called Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 and it is a software for video editing based in a timeline. For us this is a new experience that is providing us technological skills that we surely will use them in our future professional and personal life. It has been a project that has interested us and that has motivated us from the beginning.


To sum up, working with these associations has been a wonderful opportunity and learning experience. We are grateful for being part of all of this projects!

Miki & Rosario