European Voluntary Service

My EVS Service in Turin

So, at first when I arrived in Torino, I had a pretty blurry idea of what my work would be with Eufemia organization. I just understood that they use the non-formal education method, which I didn’t really know about. 

My first days in Torino were very exciting: I had a very big and nice house, I discovered the city and everything was so different and exotic from Marseille! And I couldn’t wait to know what I would do with Eufemia.

My first activity with Eufemia was the Escape 4 Change project. It was a bit tricky the first times because I was not sure about the game, and of course, all was in Italian. But finally I really understood the goal of this project: make people live the difficult situation in Africa through this experience of 40 min. And to make them feel how it can be hard in these poor countries to find some drinkable water

When I animated the discussion with the participants after the game, it made me realize how we are all concerned by the climate change. We all can do something for the planet if we give ourselves the possibility. The main thing I will remember of that project is: even if we hear everyday a lot of pessimistic things, there is still hope

With Eufemia I also have been included to  a cooking workshop made thanks to the fruits and vegetables collected in “Pane in Commune”. The participants of the workshop were some people that lived in a “dormitorio” and who used to be homeless.

I really enjoyed this activity because it gave me the opportunity to get in touch with all these mysterious men, so interesting in my opinion… Moreover, it gave me the opportunity to speak only Italian and to learn some delicious Italian recipes!! I discovered how cooking can be a way to have fun and to easily create some link with people.

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Lois nel suo SVE a Torino

Another very positive aspect of my SVE is the language side. In fact I was talking in English all the time with the other volunteers and in Italian every time I had the chance. It completely allowed me to change my way of being, escape from myself, and eventually, find a way to build a new me.

To be honest my fear before going to Italy was to not be able to get in touch with people and to build some deep connections  with them, because of the language barrier. And finally I understood that it was the opposite: speaking 3 languages gave me an opportunity to understand more people, way more than I thought

Moreover, we organized some language club in English and in Italian. I learned more about the non-formal education method : using some games, videos… all the opposite of how you usually learn a language in school. I found a new way to learn without getting bored and having fun at the same time.

What else? Going abroad gave me the opportunity to overcome my fear of being alone, live on my own (more or less)…  I am capable of way more things that I could imagine!

This is an experience that I recommend to everyone, at least once in a lifetime.