It was not a “Goodbye”, it was “See you soon”. Selective Prevention part II

From 4th till 10th  of February, in Almagro, Spain, the second part of the project “Selective Prevention” took place. The training course was nothing like the usual courses held. The reason why the project had a second part, is because the first part had a success and made an impact on the participants.

The topic is really rare and not many organizations focus on this problem, but the knowledge about social education methods is needed.So the project started with some main information about their local project, which is called EMPU-G. They are working in the region of Castilla la mancha, and they have youth centers in different towns of the region, such as Tomelloso, Miguelturra, La Solana, Socuellamos, and Manzanares. The first 4 towns we visited during the project, the last one was visited during the first part. The aim of EMPU-G is to prevent the drug consumption and to help the youth with fewer opportunities.  Inside of their project, they reached more than 500 people, and they made a big impact and changes in their lives.

While visiting the centers of EMPU-G, we had the chance to see how they actually work. In every center each participant country had to organize an activity, which would show a part of the culture. Also the kids from the centers prepared activities for us participants, so the whole project was to share our experience and knowledge, and also to share some love, happiness and smiles. Spending time in their centers, showed us a different way of working with youth, and made participants to be more interested in the topic.


During our visit, in Spain started the Carnival and we had the chance to see a small part of it. The last dinner of the project was in La Solana, where we had a Carnival costume evening. The days were full of intercultural learning, especially getting to know the Spanish culture. While visiting the towns in the region, we discovered many beautiful places; also we had tours to the oldest theatre in Europe in Almagro, Wine factory in Tomelloso, Carnival museum and Tower Gorda in Miguelturra, The Mills in Campo de Criptana.


At the end is always hard to leave a project, which was really enjoyable, and during which were created many great friendships.