EVS experience – Elisa

Hi everyone!

I would like to share my volunteering experience with you from France, more exactly from Strasbourg.

I arrived into this city six months ago and though I’ve been here during my Erasmus in 2010 but this time I had the opportunity to live in the city and get to know its inhabitants in a completely different way. I discovered many things that are impossible to discover during a foreign study experience.

My EVS project included activities designed for people “with fewer opportunities”, for inhabitants of the city that live in peripheral districts. Almost all of them come from immigrant families thus they are not so well integrated and don’t have a full access to all the opportunities that a city like this has to offer.
During these months I was involved in different workshops for children and youngsters: cooking, recycling, traditional and contemporary dance, music and games with marvelous people with diverse languages and cultures filled my days. Here’s a photo about my experience, that was, as you can see full of smiles!
Good luck with your own EVS projects!