EUROLYS 2017 with Eufemia

20170701_094254As previous years, this year wasn’t an exception for Eufemia to participate in EUROLYS international camp.

Eurolys is being held every year in the Colle del Lys, which was one of the places where Resistance took place during World War II.

Between 1 and 2 July 1944, a battle between the partisans of the 17th Brigade Garibaldi and the Nazi-fascist troops took place, at the end of which 26 young partisans were captured, tortured and killed in the place.

Once one of the partisans, Guido said that European Union was created during those days, because there were not only Italians fighting against fascists, there were also partisans from other countries, such as Soviet Union, Allies.


This tragedy is a big part of Italian history, which is being taught to European citizens during the camping days. Our international group met on 29th of June, and went to Colle del Lys the next day. The group, which consisted of Italians, Spanish and Germans, mainly had experience in camping, but this one had a special meaning. Arriving to Colle del Lys, we found the tents already set and ready for us. The weather wasn’t good enough to feel warm, especially during the nights.

20170701_215521In 2 days full of activities, our participants learned about the Resistance, walked the same path as the partisans did, got more close to the Italian and European history and also got connected to the nature, which was breathtaking. Multicultural education was one of the main things in the camp. We learn many things about different cultures just by talking to each other and by sharing our experience and our lifestyle. The bonfire was the main attraction during the cold nights. At the end none of us wanted to leave the camp. The experience gained at the camp was very nice because we learn so many valuable things during 2 days.

Looking forward for the next year’s EUROLYS.