E + Project Planning

Do you want to experiment in writing and implementing European projects?

The path starts with an intense training day that precedes the realization of the working groups that will take advantage of the advice of our experts: the goal is to write and realize a winning project. All participants of approved projects will be invited to join the coordination group together with the association’s trainers.


Erasmus + is the European program for education, training and sport. There are 3 key actions for individual mobility, strategic partnerships and structured dialogue. The program will focus particular on international exchanges, European volunteering projects and youth worker mobility.

Project phases – how the course will take place

  • Initial training day

Introduction to the world of Erasmus + with a focus on writing projects, techniques, best practices and case histories of approved projects.

  • Creation of informal groups

Although you can write a project on your own, from our experience a winning project is created by a good group. The choice is yours: will you run alone or with others? If your option is the second one, we’ll find someone running with you!

  • Start writing projects

It’s time to start with the drafting of the first chapters! And when in doubt …

  • Expert advice Eufemia

The experts are at your disposal to advise you!

  • Consolidation Event

Another day all together to consolidate what we have learned and exchange opinions, impressions and experiences

  • Project review

Eufemia experts are ready to give you the latest feedback and add some finesse …

  • Final event – Project delivery

It’s time to celebrate for delivery, all together of course!