Breathe in, breath out

From 18th to 30th of June me and other participants from different parts of Europe and European neighbours had the opportunity to participate in the training course “Breathe In “, thanks to the program Erasmus+. I was there with other young people like me, our smiles connected us and the conversations started so easy that from the trip in bus I understood something amazing was going to start! When finally we arrive in the camp a powerful rain was waiting for us, so we entered soon in contact with the land. There are photos of the camp but they cannot express the emotions that we lived there. The food after hikking, the solidarity in the trail, the emotion on the top of the hills. We shared more than two weeks together, we put in practice the values that our EU is promoting: the solidarity between people, without differences of gender or nationality, we felt European , we felt humans. In our camp we learned more that what school can teach, we learned what means control your instincts, the values of food, water and over all: cooperation and friendship. I just can say thanks to the host organisation for the incredible work, thanks to European Union to gave me this opportunity. We are creating the new generation, we are growing without bordersand prejudices and today, looking what is happening around myself, I really believe that these type of projects are our future.

Katherines Jacome

This June, thanks to ICPI and Mosta YEC I made two journeys. First one trough an amazing place, Racha in Georgia; stunning mountains, glaciers, rivers. Second journey was inside myself, exploring boundaries, pushing limits, using internal resources. Uncontaminated nature is the proper setting to expand your comfort zone and, going back to “civilization” appreciate even more the benefits of that.
Davide Ricca



The project was funded under the Erasmus+ programme and gathered up 28 youngsters from Malta, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Portugal, Lebanon, Georgia.